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LAW100 - Foundations of Law 

Comprehensive Revision Guide and Course Notes 2024 


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University of New England - LAW100: Foundations of Law

  • ACADEMIC YEAR 2023 - 2024


    University University of New England
    Study Level Undergraduate
    UNE Unit Code LAW100
    UNE Unit Name Foundations of Law
    Notes Title Comprehensive Revision Guide and Course Notes
    Page Length 55


    Master the legal foundations of business with this concise yet thorough guide to LAW100: Foundations of Law at the University of New England. Tailored for exam success, this resource demystifies the influence of law on business, focusing on core principles like contract, tort, and consumer law. Summarising all essential information and providing a structured overview, this guide empowers you to delve deeper into the law, navigate its impact on business decisions, and confidently tackle your exams. 
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