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ACCT 2005: Techniques in Financial Accounting 

Final Examination Guide and Notes 2024 


Part 01. About This Guide 

Part 02. Sample Final Examination Paper 

Part 03. Suggested Solutions to Final Exam Paper 

Part 04. Final Examination - Hints and Tips 


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ACCT 2005: Techniques in Financial Accounting (WSU)

  • ACADEMIC YEAR 2023 - 2024



    Western Sydney University

    Study Level


    Subject Code

    ACCT 2005

    Subject Name

    Techniques in Financial Accounting

    Notes Title

    Final Examination Guide and Notes



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    Optimise your mastery of financial accounting techniques with this tailored ACCT 2005 study guide for Western Sydney University students. This indispensable resource is designed to bolster your performance in the final exams, featuring a curated selection of key topics that align with exam questions, practice exams replete with detailed solutions, and comprehensive marking schemes. Additionally, it includes invaluable final exam tips to help you avoid common mistakes and refine your test-taking strategy. By using this guide, you'll gain a solid grasp of the subject content and be well-prepared for the final examination.

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