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TOVO will accept payment f
or Notes via a secure payment gateway. Immediately after a successful payment is received, the Notes purchased will be available for the Buyer to download via the Buyer’s My Order page on TOVO Notes. The Notes will remain available for download under the My Order page in 1 month, or until the Buyer terminates their membership with TOVO Education.

Personal use

The Buyer shall not duplicate, disseminate or publicly display any Notes purchased via TOVO Notes. Individual duplicates (e.g. copies and printouts of the Notes), may only be made for private individual, personal use, and on the terms outlined in section 40 of the Copyright Act – Fair dealing for the purpose of research or study.


The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that it will not hold TOVO liable for any consequences arising out of defects in the content or accuracy of the Notes, including representations made in connection with the Notes, whether in relation to intellectual property rights, ownership, or otherwise.

TOVO is not liable for any loss of money, reputation, or special, indirect or consequential damages or effects arising directly or indirectly out of your use of the Notes. The Seller bears all responsibility and liability in that regard.

Refund policy

If the Buyer is not happy with the quality of the Notes purchased, they can make a written refund request, via the online feedback page after logging into the site (, stating and providing specific examples of evidence, within 2 days of purchasing the Notes.

TOVO will endeavour to refund the purchase amount paid for the Notes to the Buyer’s credit card within 4 business days only if the case qualifies for a refund.

TOVO may not provide a refund if:

  • The Buyer requests a refund after 2 days of purchasing the Notes

  • The Notes contain outdated information

  • The Buyer makes an accidental purchase

(This policy does not make a “magic loophole” for ripping off fellow students by getting piles of free high quality Notes. If we believe you are fraudulently claiming multiple refunds unrelated to their quality... we just tell you to GTFO. That is not a legal term).

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